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People and Community: Beyond the Benefits

  • September 22, 2023

Wellness at Work

Whether you are located in one of our hub cities, or a remote employee, at NVE we provide you with experiences and benefits that go beyond the basics. In addition to our traditional health benefits, NVE team members have access to resources covering creative, mental, physical, and financial wellness to help alleviate the inevitable stressors of life while learning healthy habits. Throughout the year, we provide reading tools, host events, and share in conversations under these categories to enhance your overall experience within our organization. See below to learn more.


JUST/B is more than our standard wellness program, it is the holistic backbone of NVE – aimed to counsel, strengthen, and foster the overall wellness of our community. 

We understand that the collective strength of our team contributes to the overall success of NVE, so we place a high value on our culture and the people who cultivate it.

By focusing on the areas of Brain, Body, and Bond, within this wellness program we are able to effectively support our employee’s health at no cost to them while allowing room for us to pour into their creativity.

Brain: Mental Recharge and Stimulation

A healthy mind is key to overall wellness. NVE recognizes the importance of mental well-being and offers various activities to recharge and stimulate the brain. Our reading club allows employees to delve into books that inspire and expand their knowledge. Guided meditation sessions provide a space for relaxation and mindfulness, helping to reduce stress and enhance focus. Creative workshops nurture individual creativity and provide an outlet for self-expression. We also provide financial wellness and employee assistance programs to help create a roadmap for the future.

Body: Movement and Fueling Energy Levels

Physical well-being is an essential aspect of overall wellness. NVE aims to challenge physical expectations and provide physical challenges that encourage movement to fuel energy levels through engaging activities. Group physical fitness experiences offer a fun and energetic way to stay active, fostering camaraderie and motivation. Our Health Kick Happy Hour promotes nutritious choices and encourages employees to make healthier lifestyle decisions. 

Bond: Culture and Connection

NVE believes in the power of connection and the positive impact it has on team bonding and cross departmental work. The Bond pillar offers various opportunities to engage with one another virtually, but especially in-person to find commonalities and celebrate differences within our team. For example, The Summit, NVE’s annual retreat provides a chance to step away from the daily work and connect with coworkers in a more informal setting. Our volunteer initiatives enable employees to give back to their communities in an impactful way that aligns with the company’s values. Forging meaningful connections is central to who we are and we continue this theme in our office quarterly get togethers that welcome team members, both seasoned and new, to connect in person.

Our Culture

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

At NVE, we formed our DEIB Council which consists of leaders across the organization, and vital People and Community members, including the Head of People and Community and the Senior Manager of DEI and Engagement. These individuals have a continued focus on developing long-term strategies to lead our efforts in creating a culture of equitable opportunity, access, and belonging.

Company Culture

We strive to build cultural awareness for our agency and partners through education, action, and leadership. By creating space for our team to express their identities, we promote inclusion and focus our goals on areas that are most important to them. Through our work, we remain curious, study our approach, and honor our commitment to meaningful change, Today. Everyday. Together.


As an organization, we are devoted to putting our words into action through community engagement and annual donations towards causes we believe in. If there is an organization you feel passionate about sharing with us, please email [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERG’s are an important part of our culture as they provide employees with opportunities to be Leaders of Change within the NVE community and beyond. These employee-led groups have a goal to nurture the diverse and inclusive workspace we are aiming to create.

Our Employee Resource Groups are a dynamic community dedicated to promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and professional growth for minority groups within our organization. Through a collaborative effort, we formed the ERG’s with a mission to cultivate connection from anywhere, provide resources for development in role and skill, and celebrate diverse perspectives. Our ERG’s offer various programs and events, including networking sessions and educational workshops, to facilitate employee connections and learning. Through sharing and implementing best practices, we continuously strive to take a leading role in promoting inclusivity within experiential marketing. Together, we are shaping a brighter future where every employee can thrive and make their mark.

Currently, NVE has 3 ERG’s: Black En-ERG (Black Employee ERG), Haus of NVE (LGBTQIA+ Employee ERG), and  WINN (Women Employee ERG). Pictured below are our current ERG leaders, Ify Obiako, Sierra McCoy, Keren Ben-Moshe, Jake Morton, Aron Christian, Ray Waters Leppek, and Jessica Harris.

The Summit

NVE’s annual company-wide retreat, The Summit, aims to accelerate the bond-building across the company. The Summit is centered around three key pillars—building bonds, aligning the team’s purpose with their work, and unlocking inspiration—and all content and activities are centered around those topics.

“Each one of our key pillars will increase the quality of our lives at NVE. Better lives at NVE leads to better ideas, and more effective results in our work,” points out Brett Hyman, President and Founder of NVE Experience Agency.

Work From Anywhere

With a presence in Los Angeles and New York, we believe that hybrid remote work aligns with our commitment to trust our team members to make their own decisions about how they complete their work. We also believe in the power of in-person connection and periodically get together to foster our NVE community.

In today’s evolving work landscape, NVE has embraced a unique approach by establishing smaller, satellite hubs across the United States. This decentralized model not only allows us to be closer to our customers but also gives the opportunity to welcome diverse candidates across the globe. We believe that when employees have the freedom to choose their work environment, they can be their most productive and innovative selves. 

To bridge the distance between our satellite hubs, we have implemented various initiatives to supplement the time we spend apart. Monthly meetings bring our teams together, fostering collaboration and alignment. Additionally, our lively “Late Morning Show” provides a platform for interactive discussions about the unique identities of our team members, ensuring that everyone feels connected and informed. These smaller interactive moments within our hubs create opportunities for coworkers to engage, share ideas, and strengthen relationships.