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What We Do

Brand Experience Solutions

We equip ourselves to meet the demands of tomorrow, providing services that meet the full spectrum of brand needs.
We have redefined five categories of brand experiences and through our mastery of creative development in each, we shape strategic narratives to meet business objectives and transform consumers.
  • Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Strategy
  • Experiential
    Using both the real world and the digital space as our canvas, we immerse consumers in brand-owned experiences, grabbing their attention and boosting emotional receptivity to foster and build brand loyalty and increase mindshare.
  • Event Production
    Event Production
  • Content
  • Communications
    Integrating strategic and first-to-market communications solutions into each experience to drive newsworthy moments, unique storylines and compelling content with the goal of maximizing brand exposure, consumer awareness and engagement.

How we do it

We leverage our in-house services to execute a wide range of needs, from complete campaign planning to tactical event production, in order to support our clients' business objectives and enable seamless solutions, fit for any brand.
  • Strategy

    • Brand Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Customer Experience Strategy
    • Culture & Community Strategy
    • Inclusive Strategy & Marketing
    • Brand Development
    • Campaign Development
    • Research & Insights
    • Execution & Reporting
  • Production

    • Event Production & Strategy
    • Digital/Virtual Production
    • B2B & Trade Logistics and Management
    • Content Production 
    • A/V & Lighting Management
    • F&B Management
    • Venue Scouting & Negotiations
    • Livestream & Broadcast Production
  • Creative

    • Creative Strategy
    • Creative Direction
    • Storyboards & Creative Concepting 
    • Experience Mapping
    • Copywriting
    • Content Management
    • Video Art Direction
    • Script Development
  • Design

    • Spatial Renderings and Floor Plans
    • 3D/2D Design
    • Motion Graphics
    • UX Mapping
    • Presentation Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Brand Collateral
    • Environmental Design
    • Technical Design
    • Decor, Furniture & Floral styling Curation
  • Communications

    • Experiential Publicity (Earned Media Campaigns)
    • Communications Planning
    • Brand & Media Partnerships
    • Creator Marketing
    • Talent & Influencer Procurement
    • Media Credentialing (Red Carpet Activations)
    • On-Site Media & Talent Management
    • Stunts & News Content Capture