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Poor Things Salon of Seduction

Searchlight Pictures

NVE partnered with Searchlight Pictures to create a multi- sensory experience that drew guests into the fantastical world of Poor Things.


Searchlight Pictures enlisted the expertise of the NVE team to devise a creative strategy for promoting the release of the “Poor Things” film. The primary goal was to generate social media buzz, engaging audiences nationwide and, ultimately, driving ticket sales. The emphasis was placed on leveraging the expansive reach and influence of social media platforms to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences. This approach aligned seamlessly with the overarching objective of maximizing audience engagement and enhancing ticket sales for “Poor Things”. 


Our innovative strategy was influenced by the proven effectiveness of immersive experiences in not only capturing the attention of audiences but also in fostering substantial engagement from both social media and press outlets. Recognizing the impact that immersive events can have on creating a buzz, our creative approach was strategically tailored to leverage this success formula. 



We created a 5-day immersive experience at the iconic Maison Premiere in Williamsburg, NY where over 1200 guests were welcomed into the world of the Poor Things Film. Guests were greeted by characters reminiscent of the film and experienced 3 key themes of the film: science, pleasure, and beauty through the senses of sight, sound, and taste. During Act I: Science, guests were served an oyster with pomegranate mignonette, during Act II: Pleasure, guests were served a French pastry, and during Act III: Beauty guests were served a custom Fords gin cocktail all while a fully choreographed performance occurred. 


The Poor Things Salon of Seduction welcomed over 1200 guests, including press attendees, creating a vibrant and immersive atmosphere. A total of 1200 gift bags and sunglasses were given away and the media coverage of 376 million media impressions.