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FX and NVE launched the AHS:NYC SHOP, a new store on a dimly lit corner of New York that promised to unlock dark AHS-inspired fantasies for those brave enough to walk inside and submit to The Owners.


FX wanted to create a horror-inspired American Horror Story boutique in the West Village of NYC that would tie into the release of the 11th installment titled AHS:NYC.  In addition to immersing guests into an of-world experience that blurred the line between fantasy and reality, NVE had to engage fans through media coverage, social platforms and creative content to drive consumer buzz, reservation CTA and tune-in.


The direction for the shop was, “a safe place to unleash your darker side.” NVE kept that in mind when designing and identifying how the visual world would be represented in addition to remaining authentic to the iconic AHS franchise and creative tone. The previous year, we created an award-winning activation for AHS Night Bites Bakery and we wanted to match or top the buzz that came from that.


The AHS:NYC SHOP came to life as a 360-integrated marketing campaign that included a in-person experience, an online extension, social media content , influencer engagement, and publicity amplification tactics to drive traffic to the experience and tune-in to AHS:NYC. Patrons were invited to peruse the shop’s leather products, customize their own bespoke goods, and experience a product testing room where they were able to take photos. The Shop proved to be a sought after destination for fans eager to experience AHS for themselves and get ready for the AHS:NYC Season. 


The AHS:NYC SHOP gathered an extreme amount of attention with winning placements in major national outlets. Highlights included: Adweek, People, Nylon, Rotten Tomatoes, and more!