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Dungeons & Dragons at San Diego Comic-Con

Paramount Pictures

In partnership with Paramount Pictures, NVE reintroduced the truly beloved and historic IP of Dungeons & Dragons, by taking guests on an otherworldly, magical journey at none other than the mecca of films & experiences – San Diego Comic-Con.


With Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves not coming to theaters until March 2023, NVE needed to not only announce the transformation of the cherished game into a cinematic experience, but do so at SDCC, one of the busiest and most important moments in films and activations. As such a respected franchise, NVE was challenged to ensure everything paid homage to its infamous roots, while still welcoming newcomers into the story. In addition to staying true to the film, NVE had to do this in a way that maximized through-put and provided the ROI that the studio was looking for.


Traditionally, Comic-Con brand experiences have long hours of wait times – and fans are happy to do so, even with limited payoff. Because of the significant wait time, overall foot traffic and throughput is low. NVE wanted to flip this narrative and give fans the opposite experience; a seamless and efficient line, culminating in a joyous, inspiring and fun experience. D&D has so much legacy, and NVE knew they needed to take this tapestry and weave it in a way that allowed them to build an immersive world, letting guests feel like they’re stepping into a moment in the film.


NVE built a fully immersive, in-world experience – The Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Tavern. By fully transforming a nightclub into a bustling tavern experience, fans were plucked from the streets of San Diego and dropped directly into the world of D&D. Within the tavern, guests embarked on a 20-minute journey in which they were met with the magical characters and props from the film, mystical hidden experiences, a stein of Dragon’s Brew, and a dragon attack that felt as if the beast was breaking through the windows of the tavern and destroying the space within.


  • 11,400 attendees; reservation slots sold out within 3 hours of release
  • Awarded “Best Off-Site of SDCC” and “Best Line Management” by SDCC Blog
  • Upwards of 40M+ in total social reach across platforms