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NYCC After Dark Party


NVE partnered up with Paramount+ for the second year in a row to throw the official NYCC After Dark Party, featuring eerie delights from fan favorite IP’s to highlight the content Paramount+ is cooking up for the Halloween season, cleverly named Peak Screaming.


Our mission was to design an immersive event that amplified the buzz around Paramount+’s autumn horror shows. NVE faced the intricate task of integrating the ‘Peak Screaming’ brand while spotlighting beloved IPs like Yellowjackets, Scream, and Smile. The event demanded engaging, interactive elements tailored to delight the most discerning fans.


Drawing from our previous NYCC success, we recognized the audience’s fervor for such events. Our ambition was to surpass last year’s triumph, reinforcing Paramount+ as the ultimate haunt for horror aficionados. This insight fueled our creative process, prompting innovative ways to blend the IPs seamlessly into the overarching event theme.



We conceived the ‘Peak Screaming lab’, a central theme that ingeniously interlaced eerie décor with Paramount+’s Halloween showcase. This setup enabled a perfect amalgamation of the spotlighted IPs, creating a cohesive and spine-tingling atmosphere.


The Peak Screaming lab welcomed over 650 guests, featuring a themed claw machine, a photo booth, and bespoke cocktails, including test tube shots. The claw machine drew over 375 participants, while the photo booth saw over 200 snaps broadcasted around the venue. The night pulsated with a 3-hour DJ M.O.S set, and the social media impact was significant with 72 mentions and 2.9k engagements.