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Peacock TED Series Premiere


NVE and Peacock lit up LA with the electrifying premiere of 'Ted,' the must-watch prequel series. With a special screening and a nostalgic 90s afterparty, the event buzzed with stars, fans, and influencers, sparking excitement for the latest chapter in the iconic saga.


Peacock presented NVE with the task of orchestrating a premiere that not only encapsulated the essence of the series but also maximized excitement, boosted viewership, and amplified press attention. The challenge was to weave the series’ themes seamlessly into a multifaceted event that resonated with attendees and audiences alike.


Leveraging the insight that the prequel introduces a fresh aspect of Ted, our team aimed to highlight the ’90s high school atmosphere at every touchpoint, embedding easter eggs to reflect the series’ era. This approach wasn’t just for attendees but also designed to attract the attention of passersby at The Grove AMC, ensuring the event’s setting and theme resonated widely. Our strategy, influenced by a deep understanding of the brand and audience, aimed to captivate and engage on multiple levels.



Peacock transformed The Grove’s AMC into a ’90s high school for the “Ted” series premiere, offering interactive fan experiences, yearbook photo ops, and signings. Guests enjoyed complimentary concessions before viewing the first two episodes. The nostalgia peaked at Alma with a ’90s themed afterparty, where the cast and crew mingled with attendees. This event wasn’t just a premiere; it was a journey back in time, deepening the connection between the series and its audience.


Our event for Peacock’s “Ted” series premiere significantly elevated the show’s appeal and visibility. By engaging stars like Max Burkholder and Seth MacFarlane for fan interactions and securing coverage from top media like The Economic Times and LAist, we heightened anticipation. The 492 fan photos captured became a testament to the event’s success, creating lasting memories and a strong connection between the series and its audience, ultimately boosting the show’s profile and viewership potential.