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Who is Johnny Bigg?

Johnny Bigg

As a popular Big & Tall brand in Australia, Johnny Bigg came to NVE to find out the best way to make its debut in the USA.


As a brick and mortar store in Australia and New Zealand Johnny Bigg has easily become the go to for Big & Tall fashion back home. But as a newly launched brand in the US, Johnny Bigg didn’t know how to introduce themselves in a way that can recreate the same name recognition and reputation for fit and style while only being available online in the US. 


We knew that the content had to introduce a new brand in a way that resonated with the Big & Tall community. For three months Johnny Bigg and NVE partnered together to research the space, category, and types of content that perform best in the US. We diligently researched and analyzed past branded campaigns and studied content from popular plus sized content creators. Through our steady research we identified a clear gap between what brands tend do in the space vs. content creators who more authentically connect with Big & Tall audiences.


Our strategy identified an own-able persona that better aligned with the storytelling and values of the Big & Tall community online. We used this persona to then inform creative. Our strategy and creative department came together to develop multiple  ways for Johnny Bigg to show up stateside. All in all, our creative was that much stronger because we took the time to research the brand on a deeper level. We delivered key insights alongside creative that better informed their marketing as a whole – beyond the US market.


Our research informed Johnny Bigg on how to get closer to their desired audience while providing insights that informed their business as a whole. We are currently set to film two of the ideas presented with plans to incorporate further creative in the future. NVE and Johnny Bigg have developed a relationship that is able to work in lock step with internal shareholders and executives to better meet business goals via content as they evolve.