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Creative Quarantine: The Climate State


The Climate State aimed to tackle policy, action, and hopeful solutions for our planet. It was the biggest Creative Quarantine episode with 4 panels and 22 panelists that are experts in their fields.

The Future of Earth

Understanding climate policy is important now more than ever. This program gave insight into climate issues and how we can take collective action to protect our Earth. The programming spanned over 4 hours and was segmented into 4 panels: Climate Policy & Individual Action, How to Talk About Climate Change, The Future of Food and The Intersection of Climate & Social Justice. It wrapped up with a creative workshop featuring Tyler Schiffman and a VIP Lounge that allowed participants to network 1:1 or in a roundtable format.

Protecting Our Planet

Almost 300 unique visitors joined in on the conversations throughout the day. Each segment had an average view time of 78 minutes and had participation across 10 polls pointing to a very engaged audience. TheFutureParty was able to raise $1,255 for the Environmental Defense Fund alongside their partners Climate Resolve and Animalia through these digital conversations about our planet.