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CapCut at VidCon


Through the duration of the event, over 30 well-known content creators uploaded their videos and used their platforms to encourage other VidCon guests to download the CapCut app and do the same. By creating an eye-catching, immersive space, guests could interact with the app, capture content of their own, and learn more about the unique features that make CapCut so immersive and fun.


As an all-in-one video editing app that simplifies creation, CapCut is a rapidly growing product that allows creators of all sizes to create professional-grade videos. The brand wanted to maintain its momentum in the video-editing space by making its first brand appearance at VidCon. The CapCut booth needed to align with the brand’s positioning, providing a connectivity point for both creators who have experience using the app as well as new users, building and strengthening their network within the online video industry and encouraging social media interaction during the event.


Having brand managers on-site as the app experts, users can learn more about the various versions of the app available as well as new “tricks” to bring even more ease to their experience. By highlighting and leveraging the unique video template feature of the app, users will recognize the simplicity of editing and uploading content within moments of content capture.


Leaning into the CapCut brand world, we created an immersive, circular booth that was not only educational but provided visitors the opportunity to capture their own content within a 360-video carousel and upload it into exclusive templates created for VidCon incentivizing social sharing with branded giveaways. Throughout the 3-day event, content creators were invited to visit the space, learn more about the app from experts, and share content on their social media channels.


Throughout the course of the 3-day tentpole event, creators and visitors alike captured content within the booth and shared on various forms of social media (TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and CapCut) to gain a variety of prizes. Over 2,000 people visited the booth during the duration of the event, 1,000+ giveaways were distributed, and guests walked away with a satisfaction rate of 90%.