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TikTok IAB NewFronts


TikTok partnered with IAB NewFronts, the world's largest digital content marketplace for media buyers, to introduce two new products that allow brands to connect and activate communities in exciting ways: Top TikTok and Branded Mission.


The biggest challenge was getting media buyers and brands to change their perception and to increase their comfort level with embracing TikTok as the go-to platform for clients to invest in to reach a broad and diverse community of audiences.


NVE knew that there were challenges with the perception behind TikTok as a marketing platform compared with more traditional media platforms, but that there were advantages with TikTok being on everyone’s radar. All of our teams from Strategy, Production, Design and Content were instrumental in evolving this space so that TikTok creators and leadership can introduce the innovations in store for 2022.


As a sponsor and platform that is uniquely positioned to help marketers deliver both cultural and business impacts, TikTok brought together brands, agencies, and media buyers to learn more about TikTok as a unique entertainment platform and drive excitement around new product opportunities for marketers via a Livestream and IRL event. Once the main stage programming concluded, 6 showcases were revealed that brought tactile immersive environments to represent a TikTok community: autoTok, fashionTok, wellnessTok + healthTok, foodTok, movieTok + tvTok, and beautyTok.


  • 500+ guests from the media buying space and TikTok clients gathered at Glasshouse in NYC for an exciting afternoon of discovery and engagement
  • Guests were greeted with a TikTok tote, community giveaways and branded F&B moments consisting of passed bites and specialty cocktails from the hero bar.
  • Buzz and affinity from the largest media buying agencies such as Horizon Media and from brands like Amazon, PepsiCo and Goldman Sachs