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Diversity Equity Inclusion

Our Practice

Today. Everyday. Together.

NVE Experience Agency is committed to cultivating an inclusive, equitable, and accessible place for our employees, partners, clients, and audiences. We are driven by a purpose to create moments that positively transform someone forever and the only way that can be done is by championing diverse perspectives, evaluating and improving our processes, building awareness, and consistently finding ways to learn. By continually challenging our individual and collective biases, we can work from a place of empathy, compassion, and respect. As a people-first organization, diversity, equity, and inclusion equates to action. Today. Everyday. Together.
DEI Pillars
  • Education

    Commitment to annual trainings on combating biases, microaggressions, inclusive leadership development, and cultural awareness through informational workshops.

  • Accountability

    Quarterly reporting and surveying of employee experience and initiative tracking to be shared transparently.

  • Community

    A minimum of two (2) company-wide volunteer days per employee per year and a dedicated donation to establish inclusive bond and culture with our community partners serving underrepresented communities.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Research and establish partnership with external sources to expand our network of talent to be inclusive of race, gender identity, cultural identity, age, and ethnic origins.

  • Supplier Diversity

    Continue to build an inclusive supplier chain by establishing a triple bid on any production line item exceeding $30K.

  • Cultural Connection

    Champion cultures and backgrounds through our annual social impact platform which highlights yearly events and provides opportunities for in-person and virtual experiences immersed in culture.

DEIB Council

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and as of 2023, Belonging Council is made up of individuals within NVE that are critical drivers in establishing a dedicated focus to diversity and inclusion practices. The Council utilizes an inclusive and innovative lens to effectively guide progress at NVE while bridging a connection between the business and people within our team. With an overall mission of forming a culture of inclusion and belonging, the Council integrates strategies, operations, communication align our DEI goals with the overall mission of our team. Meet the Council!
People + Culture

At NVE, we are led by curiosity and fueled by humanity. Authentic connection is at the heart of our work, and we embrace the opportunity and responsibility we have as an organization to provide the tools and resources needed to deliver the best and most equitable experiences possible for our employees. We value the contributions, identities, differences and perspectives of our team and look to highlight our individualities within the workplace and communities we serve.

NVE In The Community

As an experiential marketing agency, we create foundational connection between brands and audiences. The synergy represented in our work is also represented in our service to community both internally and externally. At NVE, we focus on a commitment to volunteerism, building bonds within our team to form meaningful connections, diversity amongst our community partnerships, and giving back with intention. It is our hope to have a long-term impact within the communities we serve by remaining consistent in our approach, providing necessary support to uplift and elevate the voices and experiences of historically marginalized people and groups, and stand behind causes that align with our values and mission.