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Future Forward: Diversifying AI and the metaverse

  • Earica Parrish
  • March 10, 2023

In honor of Black History Month, NVE hosted the third installment of our Inclusive Learning Lab Series. Boye Fajinmi (Founder, TheFutureParty) and Earica Parrish (Strategist, Inclusive Marketing) led a thoughtful discussion centered around the future of AI and how founders, artists, and brands are working to make the Web3 space more inclusive and reflective of the contemporary human experience. 

So often, brands and individuals tend to miss the mark when discussing the Black experience at large. Our experiences are unique, and it is imperative for us as marketers to consider the nuances as we continue to evolve our work into the future as technology continues to evolve. 

“It’s refreshing to see that there are Black leaders in the tech space that enjoy unearthing these new advancements in tech and adding a fresh perspective to the growing conversations around it, especially as it pertains to trying to combat bias in tech” says Earica Parrish, Strategist at NVE. 

Our panelists Anthonly Kelani, Isaiah Chavous, and Latashá Alcindor, provided a diversity of perspectives to the conversation–expanding on topics related to democratizing Web3, the importance of ownership as an artist in the space, as well as the power of fostering community as technology continues to expand. One of the key takeaways from the discussion was the power of access and equitable distribution of knowledge amongst early-adopters of the Web3 space. Artists like Latashá at ZORA, who became one of the first musicians to immerse themselves within the NFT space, had to open their minds and learn the platforms that were accessible to them in order for them to fully understand how they work. 

Once that knowledge has been understood at a practical level, it is then imperative to ensure that the barrier to entry for other participants is lowered so that more Black people can find a space for themselves to thrive in the world of Web3–whether it be from the developer side like Anthony and his avatar company DNABlock or running business partnerships like Isaiah at Jadu AR

“Simply put, there are Black people everywhere pushing forward culture and innovation at the highest level. At the same time these individuals are still being marginalized and under utilized. It was deeply profound to discuss the exceptional work black people are doing in creating the future,” says Boye Fajinmi, Founder of TheFutureParty.

Our NVE community was able to partake in the discussion and engage with our panelists in an open forum, asking questions ranging from crypto regulation laws, to people repurposing your work on the Internet. Through this conversation, our community left with a new perspective on Web3 and the metaverse at large, as well as the opportunities and challenges these new technologies can add to our work and society overall.

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Earica Parrish
Senior Strategist, Inclusive Marketing
A creative multi-hyphenate who works to inspire others, incite change, and promote artistic values. An extensive background in writing, design, digital strategy, content production, guest services and community engagement.