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Sustaining Our Roots: The Path Towards an Eco-Friendly and Inclusive Future

  • Earica Parrish
  • May 02, 2023

NVE’s latest installment of its Inclusive Learning Lab series centered around the topics of environmentalism and social sustainability. Our co-moderators Earica Parrish (Strategist, Inclusive Marketing) and Rachel Sison (Account Manager) spoke with our esteemed panelists to unpack the nuances of what it means to be socially responsible as creatives and marketers in hopes to foster new thinking around how to create more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable experiences both physically and online. 

Our panelists line-up included the likes of Kevin J. Patel of OneUp Action, sustainability content creators Isaias Hernandez and Lauren Bash, brand creative strategist Ayesha Mathews-Wadhwa, and entrepreneur Kristy Drutman–founder of Green Jobs Board

Engagement, longevity, and connection are the elements  that cultivate both excellent brand stories and impactful environmental movements. Though multi-layered, sustainability takes into consideration the ways in which we as marketers can meet the needs of our consumer and our environment through the work we do.

SNC-Lavalin, a global professional services company, states that sustainability as a whole must rely on three key pillars, all of which play a role in supporting social infrastructures and cohesion–from climate change to human rights: environmental, economic, and social.

The discussion covered a breadth of topics. Our panelists provided helpful tools and resources, such as The IPA Media Climate Charter’s Media Carbon Calculator which helps to evaluate a media brand’s carbon footprint. All of our panelists placed a huge emphasis on the importance of providing equitable means of support for people of color who are disproportionately affected by climate change, whether it be through job searching to being more inclusive in hiring content creators for more sustainability campaigns. As content creators themselves, both Lauren and Isaias have used their platforms as a means to facilitate change and speak out against greenwashing within the media and marketing industries.

“I always say that this work, you know, is not a passion project of mine. It’s a tool of survival for many people, especially people of color. It’s something that we have to do because our communities are already being affected. So I stay committed to knowing that until my community gets justice, I won’t rest.”, says Kevin J. Patel.

From our discussion, our NVE community could tell panelists are deeply committed to this work, and it’s going to be imperative for brands and businesses to step up to the plate and implement tangible strategies to ensure that our environment and surrounding communities are being protected in the process, whether it’s producing branded experiences or digital content campaigns.

“I’ve been searching for ways to apply my personal passions of social and environmental justice to the work I do here at NVE – connecting closely with folks who dedicate the majority of their time and energy into advocating for the planet and its people for this installment of the Inclusive Learning Lab has allowed me to do just that. As our panelists said, every job can be a climate job.” says Rachel Sison, Account Manager at NVE. 

The NVE community is deeply grateful for our panelists, co-moderators, and our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team for allowing the space for us to host one of our most meaningful Inclusive Learning Lab conversations to date. 


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Earica Parrish
Senior Strategist, Inclusive Marketing
A creative multi-hyphenate who works to inspire others, incite change, and promote artistic values. An extensive background in writing, design, digital strategy, content production, guest services and community engagement.