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Family Guy’s 400th Episode Party

Shannon Warner Events

In partnership with Shannon Warner Events & 20th Century Fox Studios, we took guests into the world of Family Guy to celebrate the 400th Episode of the iconic series with immersive show-inspired buildouts and an 18-piece orchestra on the Fox Studios Lot.


In celebration of the Series’ 400th episode, we were tasked with throwing a Family Guy themed party on the Fox lot for Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy cast and crew! We needed to ensure this event matched the distinction of such a milestone achievement and would reinforce the appreciation to everyone involved with the show.


As a longstanding partner of Seth Macfarlane, NVE leveraged our historical knowledge and insights from past events to ensure the overall creative look and experience matched his exact unique taste and style. We knew that this event had to encompass the irreverent and iconic style of the groundbreaking show, while also maintaining an elegance and sophistication for such a landmark occasion.


NVE was able to create an experience that transported guests into the Family Guy show at every touchpoint that evening. From themed cocktails served at the famous Drunken Clam Bar, A Flip Book Photo Booth so guests could recreate the show intro, to the iconic Griffin family living room showcasing some of top show clips. The event wasn’t short of moments that would fully immerse all guests into the world of Family Guy.


This celebratory one-night event created a huge impact on the attendees, and it also made a splash on social media as fans of Family Guy loved seeing the experience we created. People, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter were among the many publications that covered the event.

Attendance: 320 including all voice actors & Fox executives