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Cash App x Visa Super Bowl LVII


Cash App x Visa marketed to the full Super Bowl crowd, popping up at many different events over the weekend, giving away a lot of cash and showcasing that it isn’t just a place: it’s a feeling that Cash App provides. Where you can let loose and do you, because when you’re your best self, that’s money.


Super Bowl weekend is the loudest, craziest, and busiest weekend of the year and consumers don’t just want to be at the right place at the right time – they also want something new, fresh, and exciting. Something that speaks to them, stands out from the rest, and gives them a little extra social clout. Cash App wanted to cut through the noise of Super Bowl weekend and competing branded parties, events, dinners, and activations and show up in a way that makes guests experience the joy of connection, the exuberance of easy fun, and the reassuring feeling that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.


Cash App’s vision for the Super Bowl weekend touchpoints was to establish themselves as the premier Peer 2 Peer finance app producing unforgettable moments that empower consumers to take charge of their money. For the Homecoming Party, Cash App focused on brand awareness, providing positive sentiment and associating Cash App with the A-list crowd. For Flavortown Tailgate, Cash App looked to create a public oasis for guests to experience the brand while driving signups and 3% of all onsite transactions through the Cash App Card (Visa backed debit card that links to Cash App account).


Cash App & Visa Present h.wood Homecoming featured performances by Drake & Zack Bia. Guests mingled within the Cash App Campus, playing arcade games to win cash, drinking specialty cocktails, and creating custom Cash App chains. Cash App & Visa helped bring Guy Fieri’s Flavortown to life as the sponsor of the free tailgate for the people! Guests cooled off in the grassy knolls at Camp Cash App while munching on their “Diners, Drives, and Dine Ins” bites, getting branded swag, face painting, and taking in performances by Diplo and Locash.


  • Across Cash App’s activations at the Super Bowl, the brand received 339.4M impressions on social media. This is 3.2x more than if the brand were to have ran an on-air TV spot.
  • Flavortown Tailgate: Exceeded goal to capture minimum of 3% of all transactions through Cash App Card and instead hit a 10% transaction volume
  • Homecoming: $15,750 given away to guests competing in skee-ball and pop-a-shot