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Creator Marketing Q&A With Maurice Aouad

  • June 03, 2022

As NVE’s Director of Creator Marketing, Maurice Aouad brings over 8+ years of experience. Previously, Maurice helped lead influencer strategy at Postmates and Tinder, where he was Head of Influencer Marketing and curated and managed a network of over 1,000+ influencers. As a content creator himself with over 120k IG followers, Maurice has developed deep roots in the creator space with an endless network of resources.

The below is a transcription of a social media Q&A hosted by NVE in which Maurice answered follower questions regarding NVE’s Creator Marketing practice.

What is Creator Marketing?

Mo: The best way to describe Creator Marketing is – working with creators who are on the internet and making content and have an audience in a way that helps promote either a product, a brand, or service.

How is this different from Influencer Marketing?

Mo: There is really no difference between Influencer Marketing and Creator Marketing. Creator Marketing is just a term that NVE prefers because it’s more of a catch-all phrase that includes anybody regardless of the content they make or produce and put online.

As an influencer yourself, do you think the Influencer space is changing?

Mo: The influencer space is changing daily which is what makes this job so fun. You get to catch up with all the viral trends, whatever is happening in pop culture, and staying on top of it because if you don’t then you are old news.

Is this a standalone service or part of an integrated offering?

Mo: The beauty of our creator marketing offering is that it can work as a standalone or for a more integrated campaign that involves different departments.

What is your favorite project you have worked on at NVE?

Mo: The most fun I had working with NVE was working with Gopuff on their Superbowl Quartertime Show featuring Lil’ Dicky. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and it definitely got the views and attention we wanted.

What is next for Creator Marketing?

Mo: What’s been really great about Creator Marketing over time is how diverse and inclusive it has become. You can literally find any category that you might have an interest in and a creator that matches up for it. I hope that it continues in that direction.

Brands crave being at the center of what’s happening more than ever, and leveraging creators’ authentic voices, unique content, and built-in audiences provides brands more opportunities to create that “right moment.” It’s no secret that the two most sought-after demographics – Millennials and Gen-Z – are actively engaged with their favorite creators daily. Starting a campaign without an influencer marketing strategy is no longer an option; it’s a priority.

To learn more about NVE’s Creator Marketing standalone and integrated offerings, CONTACT US.