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Bounce & Blur


NVE vibrantly introduced and celebrated Bare Minerals’ first foray into a colorful product line.

Built to Bounce

NVE designed a multi-sensory, bounce-centric experience — including a ballon-filled entry moment, playful installations and activations, and F&B complete with fun, colorful flair — to energetically launch the product line and create a must-have sentiment around each cosmetic. Every moment in the space was curated with Instagram in mind, with organic and professional photo experiences — a “bounce” swing inspired by the new palate, a bouncy house, and a bubble pit — for influencers to creatively share product beauty and benefits with their followers.

Cosmetic Clout

Allowing guests to fall in love onsite with the cosmetics and their no-brush-required application process, we placed a Touch & Play station at the center of the experience and provided guests the opportunity to receive a professional makeover at the Application Station. Introducing influencers to a refreshed twist on their beauty routine, the launch generated over 11M impressions for the Bounce & Blur product line, amplifying the unique product experience to global audiences.