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Warner Brothers: Tomb Raider Escape Room

Warner Brothers

NVE challenged fans to step into the center of the latest Warner Bros installment of Tomb Raider through an imaginative escape room experience.

Inside the adventure

NVE and Warner Bros took over the world’s largest escape room venue to create an unforgettable experience inspired by Tomb Raider. Fans hunted for clues inside the Croft Manor crypt, Richard Croft’s office, and the turbulent Devil’s Sea to unlock secret documents leading to a treacherous island adventure. Utilizing the infrastructure of the existing escape room, the guest journey followed the film’s narrative and each room was designed with props and a storyline adapted to fit the film’s key touch points. As a token of their adventure, guests were awarded with customized, branded passports upon completion.

Digital integration

NVE oversaw complete creative ideation and development of the actual execution, as well as designed and managed digital promotion collateral and a customized website that allowed for seamless digital ticketing and reservations. The experience was such a success in its first week that Warner Bros extended the experience an additional week, totaling 18 days, 1305 guests, 113 ideal press attendees. NVE masterfully provided a creative application of the film that successfully connected fans more deeply with the story and characters.