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UNIQLO Dedicated to Denim


NVE delivered a product launch event that embedded UNIQLO’s proprietary process into an evening introducing the brand’s Japanese craftsmanship to Los Angeles.

A Fashion-forward welcome to LA

NVE joined LA lifestyle with brand education to demonstrate UNIQLO as a universal trendsetter and fashion innovator for the launch of their first Los Angeles installation and the release of their FW denim line. To inspire guests with the heritage of the brand, NVE personified UNIQLO’s unique jean-making journey with a series of unique, interactive activations. A live hip-hop performance by local acclaimed crew immaBEAST reiterated the brand’s connection to LA culture.

The right cultural fit

Guests lounged with custom food and beverages in jean hammocks modeled after the most popular washes of UNIQLO denim. Strategically recruited talent such as fashion icon Whitney Port, extended the reach of the experience to massive fashion-focused followings. The launch experience drew national attention, including highlights from the LA Times and thousands of fashion- focused outlets, generating extraordinary buzz and amplification around the LA opening.