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S&S Activewear

S&S Activewear

This year S&S Activewear took their annual trade show virtual due to the pandemic. They came to us to help them ideate, design, produce and stream S&S Virtual Experience: Creating New Opportunities.


Trade shows are a time for S&S Activewear to connect with their clients, educate them, and show off new products. Due to the pandemic, this event could no longer take place in person, and we were tasked with finding a way to bring the trade show experience to life in an engaging virtual way that connected S&S with their clients.


We knew that people were having virtual event fatigue, and we needed this experience to keep people engaged and excited. Similarly, there were other virtual events happening in the competitive landscape and we knew what was performing well and what wasn’t.


By working with the online event platform Hubilo, we created an engaging, interactive, customizable “trade show portal” that allowed guests to explore and learn just like they would on the showroom floor. Our edit team worked directly with the client to remotely shoot, record, and edit the content and keynote sessions to ensure everything felt cohesive and premium.


  • 9 Sessions
  • 19 Demo Rooms
  • 27 Speakers
  • 32 Booths
  • 106 1:1 Meetings
  • 8,455 People Registered