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SPIN S-100T Launch Campaign


Through a launch event and social content component, NVE introduced Spin to both city officials and consumers as a trusted e-scooter brand that delivers the safest, most reliable, and most sustainable ride around town.


NVE had to execute the Spin Demo Day Launch experience which included the unveiling of their newest vehicle, the S-100T scooter, as well as keynote presentations from their new CEO and Spin leadership team. With approximately 5 weeks to turn around both deliverables, we had to guide the client expectations with our recommendations to keep things moving and hit our target date.


Spin wanted their attendees to learn about their latest vehicles and take demo rides on the San Francisco streets. As sustainability is a top priority and pillar for the brand, NVE ensured this messaging was clear across all communications at the event and in the content, giving consumers and city officials confidence they are engaging with an environmentally friendly brand who keeps this top of mind. It’s also embedded in their product design with swappable batteries and durability to last years so that less scooters end up in landfills.


The experiential activation took place in Dog Patch Studios in San Francisco. NVE took care of the step-by-step consumer journey from the welcome and entry way to the indoor foot print, live demonstrations, keynote presentation and guest departure gifting area.

We also delivered an event wrap hero video alongside cutdowns for a series of videos highlighting the new S-100T scooter and its features that make it “built for the city”. The content was created for their social channels and website and emphasized: Safety, Sustainability, Durability and Reliability.


The event was a success with a full house packed with Spin VIP riders, press and employees. The content pieces created made it into a Bloomberg segment which garnered more attention for Spin’s latest launch.