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Postmates Sundance Delivery Stunt


NVE helped Postmates surprise festival-goers with foodie favorites across film screenings, brand activations and Sundance events.

Feeding festivalgoers

With the goal to increase brand awareness among a core demographic of strategic marketers attending the iconic wintery festival, Postmates and NVE made an impression by delivering foodie favorite orders to brand activations, industry lounges, and film screenings throughout opening weekend. On foot, street teams decked in Postmates branded ski attire trekked down Main Street with branded insulated bags to deliver prepackaged meals for brand activations, while a Suburban fleet of branded vehicles plowed the snowy streets to deliver meals to unsuspecting moviegoers and various Sundance theaters.

Street fleet and cultural extensions

To maximize ROI for Postmates, we proposed additional curated locations to hit particular “influencer” demographics of driven leaders in entertainment and culture, including TAO’s Sundance flagship party, The Future Party, The Ray, The Library, Eccles Theater, and The Hollywood Reporter Lounge. Across multiple days of activating, NVE helped Postmates deliver over 2300 meals at 33 different locations across Park City – which meant a well-fed festival and a huge win for Postmates from both a consumer impact and press perspective.