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NVE produced the first Virtual Global Advertiser Event designed to attract, inspire and educate advertisers and agencies across their priority markets in the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Australia.


NVE had a two month development timeline from scripting to live event streaming to create 79 content pieces and manage over 60 speakers. 

Each of the 6 global markets had a tailored program that included both global announcements and regional segments to generate buzz worldwide while feeling personal to each market. Regionalization entailed scripting, filming, and editing across English, French, and German.


Due to public safety, on-set production was not feasible. In order to make the event program feel continuous and consistent, we needed to implement a strong VFX vision and clear content direction. This approach ensured that each separate piece of content laddered up to a consistent framework that drove  the key brand messaging home.


We remotely produced all aspects of the event and managed localized post houses across each market. Since everything was filmed remotely, every speaker received film studio kits. To bring the brand to life in the absence of a set, we integrated VFX, accessible design and program features in the web portal along with language offerings and interpreters. Over the course of two days, we executed six streams with two live stages for each event. 


  • 29,858 global registrations (+149% of goal)
  • 15,943 attendees (+159% of goal)
  • 2000+ top-tier clients in attendance
  • US, UK, and Canada events were fully DICE Certified (Maximum score of 100% for accessibility considerations)

Awareness and Impressions Highlights:

  • 65+ news stories
  • 1.2k+ pieces of earned media generating 5.3K+ social media engagements
  • 60% of earned content coded for positive sentiment vs. only 1% negative