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Instagram IGTV Launch


Deliver Silicon Valley’s most anticipated announcement with a launch event for Instagram’s endeavor into unfiltered, long-form content.

Global amplification

With over 1B active users watching and 300+ influencers in attendance, NVE delivered Instagram’s largest launch event for the platform’s latest product, IGTV. Matching the visceral nature and energy of IGTV, the launch generated hype that would be amplified globally. We transformed the raw San Francisco venue into eight distinct rooms modeled after eight of Instagram’s most iconic influencers. These vignettes then served as the settings that each influencer would use to share their first piece of IGTV content to their hundreds of thousands of eager followers.

Vertical video, in real life

Relentlessly focused on reiterating the platform’s goal to provide accessible means of expression, the vignettes also served as organic video moments for guests. The strategic designs incorporated gradients and motion to subtly reinforce a connection to the product. In addition to handling the production and design of the event, NVE also ensured flawless execution through managing the complete run of show, from directing a crew of over 150 to orchestrating the precise timing of each performance and keynote.