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Gopuff Quartertime Show


Starring Lil Dicky with appearances by Cardi B, the first-ever Gopuff Quartertime Show streamed live on Twitter, and Gopuff’s and Lil Dicky's YouTube pages between the first and second quarters of the Super Bowl.


Gopuff, a delivery app that gets you what you need in record time, wanted to do something BIG for the Super Bowl, aside from a traditional TV ad. Gopuff wanted to take advantage of the mass appeal and reach of the Super Bowl without having the price tag of a traditional 30 second spot. Thus, the Gopuff Quartertime Show was born and NVE needed to figure out a way to get enough buzz going about it to make people want to go on their phones and watch it instead of the Super Bowl commercials.


Our extensive knowledge in communications strategy, social first content creation, full service PR, and influencer marketing allowed us to build a fully integrated campaign. Gopuff and Mirimar Creative already had the idea of the Quartertime Show in motion, and looked to us to build a comprehensive plan to amplify and execute it. With Lil Dicky as the star of the of the show, the #Quartertimeshow was aired on Twitter and YouTube between the first and second quarter of the Super Bowl.


NVE took an integrated approach with PR and social. We built and executed a full PR plan and social communications strategy, created content from Lil Dicky teasers to countless memes for popular accounts. NVE worked closely with Mirimar Creative to amplify the message across digital platforms in order to create a cohesive ecosystem. The campaign included a robust earned and paid media strategy, social platform-specific content and functionality, BTS footage, premium influencer kits, and a plan to engage some of the largest meme accounts on Instagram to hype up the Gopuff Quartertime Show in an authentic way.


  • Streamed on Twitter, Gopuff’s YouTube and Lil Dicky’s YouTube, the Gopuff Quartertime Show generated over 4MM views in under 24 hours and received considerable buzz from fans and celebrities alike including Cardi B, Drake, Kendall Jenner, and more.
  • To date, the Gopuff Quartertime show has garnered over 180M social impressions, over 3.6M media impressions and overwhelming positive sentiment.