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Fullscreen & TheFutureParty: Black Influence Matters 

Fullscreen and TheFutureParty presented a candid Creative Quarantine conversation on Black creators, brands, and systemic racism. 

Black Influence Matters

The  growing  civil  rights engagement  and  protests  in America has opened eyes  to  widespread  racial  injustice, including the biased relationship between Black creators and brands. The unrest has made it clear that playing it safe is  not  an  option  —  brands  must take  action and  foster authentic partnerships with the Black community. This event brought together a dynamic group of Black creatives, thought leaders and media personalities for an unfiltered conversation on why it is critical that brands make permanent changes now to ensure that they are producing representative campaigns that support, celebrate and empower the Black community well into the future.

Diversify Marketing

These creatives provided insight on how brands can rethink their overall marketing strategy to achieve this, diving into best practices for integrating Black culture from the start, redefining outdated guidelines that disqualify influencers as not being “on brand,” ensuring fair pay for diverse brand partners, and more. This conversation generated 1,088 ticket sales, 17,530 total event impressions over 10 e-mail campaigns, 6,348 Instagram impressions and $3,348 was donated to the Equal Justice Initiative.