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Amazon Prime Video Good Omens

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video delivered a supernatural journey through their upcoming fantasy-focused series, Good Omens.

The end is nigh

To celebrate 30 years in the making, NVE helped Prime Video bring the beloved novel-turned-series, Good Omens, to life at New York’s annual epicenter of fantasy. Precisely designed for shareable digital moments, the multi-room experience was enhanced by surprise appearances by the author and creator, Neil Gaiman. Con-goers stepped through weathered iron gates amidst the deteriorating store fronts of London High Street and prepared for a fateful elevator ride to a grim or glorious experience.

The final prophecy

Lucky guests arriving in Heaven were met with a movie-set level representation of Aziraphale’s treasured Bookshop. Guests were invited to explore the antiquities within and share divine digital moments. Meanwhile, guests destined for Hell took a ride in demon Crowley’s 1926 Bentley for a devilish photo moment. Over four days, the experience brought together fans, talent, and major press outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, SYFY, and ABC – garnering over 140 million impressions. 2k+ fans took part in the fateful journey, amplifying the experience socially with a reach exceeding 190k.