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How to Use Your Marketing Degree in 2022

  • Mery Nikolova
  • September 20, 2022

Marketing is an age-old tactic since the beginning of buying and selling, though undoubtedly, efforts in advertising have changed throughout the years. From paper posters hung outside of business establishments in the 1800s to interactive rich media mobile ads in 2022, how marketers target, interact, and provide customer relationships with brand image makes your marketing degree in 2022 a versatile asset.

A marketer’s duties include activities representing the brand voice and customer relations while tracking and managing sales efforts and trends. Marketing has such a vast domain in 2022 that there are hundreds of jobs in which you can apply your marketing degree.

Marketing Degrees & Certifications

Whether a degree or certification is needed to enter the marketing world depends on what you want to accomplish within the field. Several marketing jobs, such as copywriting or social media management, don’t require a degree. Certifications, like HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, in these areas will showcase knowledge while hard skills highlight talent.

However, many employers require a degree when seeking higher level marketing positions. Marketing degrees are available with different focuses at all levels of education. Areas of study may include:

  • Marketing Management Degree
  • Public Relations Degree
  • Marketing Research and Analytics Degree
  • Digital Marketing Degree
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Degree

Marketing Career Opportunities

Today’s marketing efforts require a robust strategy for engagement, creation, data and analysts, and design. This means that employment opportunities exist almost anywhere goods or services are sold and can be found within:

– In-House Employment: An in-house team handles all aspects of marketing a company’s product or service. In-house marketing means that employees work as a team and deeply understand the company goals, culture, and brand, as their brand is the only focus.

– Agency Employment: A marketing agency serves several companies as clients. Agencies employ a full spectrum team of marketing talent and consider a company’s goals when developing a marketing strategy.

– Freelance/Contract Employment: Companies that need a specific task handled or have an area within their marketing tactic that they need outsourced hire freelance or contract positions. A freelancer offers particular skills, fulfills a mission, and then moves on to a different company or task.

– Remote/WFH Employment: When the world went remote, many businesses realized that much of the work could be done from home, which is particularly true with marketing. Jobs like digital advertising specialist, social media manager, or internet marketing specialist all offer opportunities to work from home within the marketing industry.

Jobs for Marketing Majors in 2022

Knowing how you want to apply your degree will help you determine which area of study to focus on. Here are some positions available within the marketing industry.

Content Marketing

A content marketer understands the value of the business they represent and can convey that message accurately to customers. A skilled content marketer will connect with a business’ audience to establish meaningful relationships, build new clientele, and retain existing customers.

Within the context of content marketing, several roles still have distinct duties. Knowing your audience, their habits, and values requires research. Strategizing a digital marketing campaign involves analysis and research-based planning, while maintaining a relationship with customers means interaction. Content marketing jobs include:

  • Content Strategist
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing Specialist


In a digital world bombarded with easy-to-ignore advertising, your business needs a way to reach individual customers. A way to connect and resonate with your brand’s voice and culture. Insert the copywriter here.

A direct response copywriter engages a consumer with the value a company offers. Using skilled writing, they persuade the customer to believe in your vision and brand and call them to action with a sense of urgency. Copywriters are needed for:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Content
  • Analytics

The way that companies launch marketing campaigns is a complex process now. Gone are the days when an advertisement simply needed to highlight what a product does. In today’s highly competitive market, the psychology and behavioral patterns behind consumer decisions significantly impact how businesses approach advertisement and customer retention.

Marketing analysts are in demand to help companies figure out what strategies to pursue. To accomplish this task, analysts collect information about consumer behaviors, beliefs, marketing trends, and competitor efforts and measure this information to make informed predictions and suggestions for marketing campaigns. Analytics is needed in areas of:

  • SEO
  • Product Research
  • Customer Decision Journey
  • Pricing
  • Product Development

Public Relations

We’ve discussed how psychology and behavior contribute to marketing success; it also follows that public relations would also have a campaigning role here. The public relations perspective differs from the marketers in fundamental ways. However, both positions have a stake in maintaining brand image.

While a marketer is focused on brand promotion, a public relations role has a vested interest in ensuring that the relationship between a company and its stakeholders is positive. The functions of marketer and public relations often overlap due to their similarities; however, a public relations marketer plays a vital role in the image and voice of a brand.

Sales & Marketing Hybrid Roles

Hybrid marketing, also referred to as omnichannel marketing, is the practice of assuming one brand voice, image, and consistent marketing efforts across multiple advertising platforms such as social media, print, and video.

The tactics of sales and marketing hybrid roles ensure that customers can expect the same experience in-store, online, through email, and on mobile apps, as trust and consistency are essential in marketing longevity.

Marketing Generalist Roles

As the name implies, a marketing generalist is a role that has many duties within the area of marketing. A generalist has a broad knowledge base and is responsible for various tasks. They may take on project management, collect and analyze marketing data, or even be involved with content management.

A marketing generalist can be a highly sought-after position within a company as they can wear many hats and perform most duties involved with marketing.

Marketing Manager/Director

The marketing manager or director oversees all of these roles and ensures each marketing strategy’s success. Marketing directors are at the head of the department and are directly responsible for ensuring smooth operations. They must ensure that a campaign has proper funding and is on its projected track. Within the role of director, you’ll also find:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Creative Director
  • Market Research Director
  • Communications Director

How Much Can You Make in Marketing

The marketing industry is a broad field with jobs in varying positions and levels of expertise. A marketer’s average income depends on several factors, including title, skill, and even which industry you work in. An event marking assistant can expect a $37,225 annual salary with an associate’s degree. At the same time, a chief marketing officer can make upwards of $176,984.

Next Steps After Your Marketing Degree

Experience, networking, and a solid portfolio are three ways to help you break through the competitive marketing world. As you complete projects, pitch ideas, or contribute to successful campaigns, keep an updated record highlighting your skill set to show yourself as a marketing asset.

Joining an organization such as The American Association of Advertising Agencies or Chartered Institute of Marketing will help you continue to develop skills and network with other professionals within the industry. The key to being a successful marketer is continually adapting and growing with the changes.

Final Thoughts on How to Use Your Marketing Degree

Marketing has already undergone dramatic changes since its start. As the world becomes increasingly connected on the go, marketing tactics will continue to evolve to keep up with the demand. These changes mean more positions available and greater potential for earnings. This is all good news for using your marketing degree in 2022. Staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and plugged into the right organizations will help you continue to advance within this diverse marketing industry. 

Mery Nikolova
Sales Marketing & Communications Manager